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SUGGESTIONS in so di it nator how INIS 0 Pi will liawL OMT rOOMELl Persistent LONDON March 23 (UPI) Hayward rejected Roy marriage i proposals 1931 times but gave iii on No 1932 and they were married Saturday THE WASHINGTON DAILY NEWS MONDAY MARCH 23 1959 9 4 rn a a oTtxAir it 1 ijnvt'k Tn tvr vi riwiwi 1 1 ah a i TrntiUinn am Piz Drill JUOOX This bow tied type with the Cyclopean eye what it seems The man is behind Picker iX Rsy Corpus radio? isotope machine called ap propriately "Cyclops" The chains are for moving the thing 1 ij ii UNION PACIIC It seems almost unbelievable but true that you can have all these extra features and pay not a penny more in rail fare i So or phono lot complete Iraniporta lion sorvico including tickot by mail UNION PACIIC RAILROAD 09 Shoroha Bldg 15th St MW Washington 5 0 Phono BEpnbUc 7 0 SOI BipaMMgbltPtuuftffmki i TENDLERS SALES CO i tai 111 913 St NW i All Size Screens New and Used iSome Left on Layaway EMERSON Console Table Models PAY ONLY $200 PER WEEK 1 1 1 i OR $900 MONTHLY i i 1 I i Buildings for All MADISON Wis March 23' (UPI) Three buildings were dedicated at the University of Wisconsin over the week a dormitory for 254 women a dormitory for 250 men and a commons building i LOAN DEPT Licensed and Bonded to the District of Col I and Loans formatlbn tofbe made a 4 Arrests Reported in HusseinPJot BEIRUT Lebanon March1 23 UPI) LThe newspaper Al Yom yesterday that I large scale arrests of pro Nasser army officers have! been carried out I in Jordan i during the past: two days i I I The paper said the officers! were arrested and accused of participating! In an alleged conspiracy against King Hus i sein The young king cur rently is visiting the United! States i losalite i i uti aia nc Yot Attic I alJtoO aw gwG''t $1028 Add A Raom SI 695 T' ALL1 MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP ULLY GUARANTEED! STEMBLER RE 5 6600 Capitol Heights glitter tx huh aw iaoviom fcwuvi vaiAO vv mm 2 mm a Mb 5 mm 1 1 mwiicr vi raQiTioievun TQy ivQiis Ohio Senators Are in an Opposition By LOWELL BR1DWELL ft i two senators refuse tn inin five nf their rril i the i names ana salaries of i viuu a i ovuaiui len leagues in making public their employes This stand puts A3 LITTLE AS SI ft 95 I CITY PORTLAND rKEK DEMONSTRATION ii 3 I I they received If they wanted to tell Sen Young said that was up to them The offer was declined il The information i of show mubh each Senator is allowed to operate his office is such thei Secretary The Senate will give it only to al Senator or an authorized representa tive Anyreprescntafive must be given authorization in writing I i I J5I Altho neither Sen Lausche non Sum Young said so di rectly they implied that an other reason for refusing pay rollinformation wlas they didn't want to offend their colleagues ii It is known that Re publican and lonjflfMKs I Af vrnirv ftivnr I taining tne secrecy or pay iManv veteran Sena tors most of whom fiold im portant committee posts agree with the leaders Any ISenator who breaks With this ruling faction in the Senate is inviting problems rather avoid AD4 7i710 DISTRICT APPLIANCE CENTER 2101 Rhode htaruf Ave NE been ini effect long for it to become a BAsem*nTS samv sierl IHUKt Xtc AIIM terlals ter Hm Jrt ORD LUMBER CO MA 1 3315 Upper Marlboro Md ASTr BETWEEN CHICAGO DENVER and PACIIC NORTHWEST one of tfe wonfefi finest trains now seves Nop! 'Bl' I I kr li i i This luxurious Domeliner is the only train to Denver or Portland featuring three types of Astra Domes: Dome Coach Dome Lounge Car and Dome Diner plus the unique Pullman i Redwood Car I 11 "i i ji I i And only on the Union Pacific can you enjoy Dome Dining Car service The steward is proud I as a peaco*ck when he seats you in one of Its three attractive dining rooms This is a train the entire personnel likes (6 i fJ Il yaa jaa: As you would expect all Pullman equipment is the newest affording privacy comfort and I safety Arjd Coach passengers find perfect com fort in restful deep cushioned seats with re i dining backs and full length leg rests 7 a4' I 4 :44 a 44144 Money saving amily Plan ares apply Hall Union Pacific I rains Sen I lie No Money Down Upto 5 tears to Pay tt yen tf Hm taptvvraeat ExjteTiSSe44y 4 a i HwRoaf SI 028 IT I EVENINGS CALL LU 2 9270 EkIEIe SaHllMr This stand puts both Sens rank Lausche and Stephen Young in the piecuhar posi tion of refusing information which they lonce had to 'make public i When Sen Libsche was cicely guarded secret that 1 a A Am tn governor tor lO'iyears the pay roll information: for! his office was open to! the public And when Young was con gressman atf lrge th names and salaries of Jits em ployes were public property The secrecy which sur rounds offices has become a public issuq because of pay roil abuses exposed re cently in The News and other SrippS HorVard newspapers Neither Sens I a use he nor Youne has a relative on the pay roil' Neither uses the full nmru ntlAf mruinti airoHahla tn Ml MV I A enn'itnm! a my Both cite as one All Size Screens 4 the op of his si Brand Ntw GUITARS $1495 i GIT BiaecBkrt Came mi Moiical I' laitrnmnt Accordions Shotgun Biflti Hand Cana Projector the pay in jSst like OUT PAWN BRAND NAME Automatic Woterprod MEN'S WATCHES Valve rom $55 to $7150 1995 KOW tor it to 'tradition? the start ofi the 80th Congress in 1JM7 ployes was public rim officels 8 of the rea sons fori thcir refusal to make pay roll information! public a soolled Senate i I I If A ft This pracl ice of keeping pay Tolls secret hbwever has hardly enough Seriate: Until Congress in 1947 the pay in formation of senatorial em still is in th? House 4 1 44 i xusene sayy tne public and I will support resolution to that )hin erntnr Xi ever will not sponsor the res olution If 4f i Sen Young on the other hand quite so far He says if 1 a majority of the Senators yofe to make the in Jormatibn' public he will com ply He say! vote for such a resolution Seri Young did offer the oppor tunity to this reporter to in terview memners to ask them what W'S4 I IK jW! 2 9 1 tm 4 I terite 4: ar eMt tori ja I ft I Lil sQSHb 4 te 'kaa st.

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