Mike Golic Jr. Married Or Dating? Age, Height, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Wiki-Bio (2024)

Michael Louis Golic Jr. is a broadcaster with ESPN Radio and a retiredAmerican footballoffensive guard. On his profession on football, he had playedcollege footballatNotre Dame. And, in 2013 he signed with thePittsburgh Steelersas an undrafted free agent.

Here, let’s explore each and every fact related to his personal and professional life.

Born NameMichael Louis Golic Jr.
ProfessionBroadcaster with ESPN Radio,
RetiredAmerican footballoffensive guard
Date Of BirthSeptember 28, 1989
Birth PlaceVoorhees Township, New Jersey, United States
Age30 Years
Height6ft 4inch
Weight136 Kg
Net Worth$500k
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Marital StatusSingle
Parents Mike Golic,Christine Golic

Early Life, Bio, Wiki Of Mike Golic Jr. Age, Parents, Family, And Childhood.

Mike Golic Jr. was born on September 28, 1989, in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, the United States to his parents Mike Golic and Christine Golic. Currently, he is at the age of 136 Kg. For his education, he attendedNorthwest Catholic High SchoolinWest Hartford, Connecticut. During his school time, he was a standout lineman for the Northwest Catholic Indianshigh school footballteam and was selected to play in theU.S. Army All-American Bowlin San Antonio.

Mike Golic Jr.’sCareer. Path To Success.

Moving towards the career of Mike Golic Jr. he started his professional football career in 2013 with thePittsburgh Steelersof National Football League (NFL). On April 27, 2013, he signed with the Steelers as an undrafted free agent. Later, on May 10, 2014, she signed with the club, theNew Orleans Saints.

Furthermore, he took part inthe Montreal Alouettestraining camp. And, joined the teamin June 2016. However, the club released him prior to the start of the season. The previous season, he was assigned with theArizona Rattlersof the Arena Football League (AFL) on September 25, 2014. However, on August 19, 2016, he announced his retirement while co-hostingThe Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

And, after the retirement, Mike started working as a full-time broadcaster with ESPN Radio. He is a co-host of the program,First and Last. In addition to this, he is also a regular guest co-host of the American sports-talk radio show,Mike & Mike.

Mike Golic Jr.’s Net Worth. Salary And Lifestyle.

The broadcaster with ESPN Radio who is also a retiredAmerican footballoffensive guard earns a fascinating amount of money from his profession. And, hence, lives a very lavish life at the moment. The exact amount of his salary is unknown but a source has estimated his net worth to be $500K.

Mike Golic Jr.’s Personal Life. Relationship, Dating, Wife, Girlfriend And Affairs.

Talking about the personal life of Broadcaster Mike Golic Jr. he is not a married man also we don’t have any records about his dating and affairs. Golic has kept his personal life private and out of the spotlight. Like many other famous personalities, he usually doesn’t talk about his private life in media and public and prefers people focusing on his work rather than on his personal life. Till the date, he hasn’t mentioned about his affairs publically and has managed to keep it low profile.

Furthermore, he has not mentioned anything about his married life, girlfriend, and wife till the present time. It seems like besides being engaged in any type of relation he is sharpening his strength and skills to make his all dreams come true.

Mike Golic Jr.’s Body Measurement. Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, And Many More.

Mike Golic Jr., a retired American football offensive guard looks really hot and handsome with a perfect measure of physical attributes. Standing at a height of 6ft 4inch and a weight of 136 Kg he looks extremely fit and fine. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair which makes him look sexier.

Mike Golic Jr. On Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter.

A retired American football offensive guard and a broadcaster with ESPN Radio is quite active on various social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He is one of the regular user of social media and has quite a large number of fans and followers. On his official Instagram account, he has 33.4k followers. To know more about his daily life events and to be updated about him, you can go through his social media profile and follow him.

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Where and when was MikeGolic Jr. born?

September 28, 1989, in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, United States

What nationality does Mike Golic Jr. belong to?


What is Mike Golic Jr. ‘s ethnicity?


What is Mike Golic Jr. ‘s eye colour?


Which colour of hair does Mike Golic Jr. have?

Dark Brown

How tall is Mike Golic Jr.?

6feet 4inch

How old is Mike Golic Jr.?

30 Yrs Old

Mike Golic Jr. Married Or Dating? Age, Height, Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Wiki-Bio (2024)


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